I offer complete piano service including fine tuning (A-440) and pitch-raising when needed; voicing - the adjustment of the tone or quality of sound that the hammers and strings produce; regulation - the precise adjustment of the moving action parts to provide optimum key response, dynamic range, and speed of repetition; and repair(s) of key, string, pedal or cabinet problems that may exist. 

I do appraisals and estimates for sale and purchase, insurance, or personal reasons. In addition, I can help in locating a grand or upright piano for your home or business, as well as advice on buying and selling pianos. 

I also provide soundboard and interior (plate,action,pedal and tuning pin areas) and keytop cleaning services.  Although I don't do cabinet refinishing, I have excellent references for same. 


Please call 415-407-2472 for rates and appointments. I have 25 years of experience and service San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area. 

Timothy Grace,  owner


Grace Piano Service

2600 Van Ness Ave  Suite 205

San Francisco, CA 94109


Phone: 415-407-2472
Email: grandtuner@comcast.net  or

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